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Audio Episodes Tagged 'wzpl'

18:48 minutes Mayor Greg Ballard

The Mayor of Indianapolis stops by the Smiley Studios and talks about what all is going on in Indy!

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5:11 minutes Texting

Smiley gives you all the newest in lingo in the texting world!

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13:17 minutes Stereo Deluxe Part 2

Local Favorite, Stereo Deluxe, performs in the Smiley Studios and surprises Smiley with a fun cover song!

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15:17 minutes Brian Dunkleman

He's the guy that dropped out of hosting duties with Ryan Seacrest on American Idol and is now a touring comedian. Find out what he's up to!

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10:42 minutes The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris calls in on the eve of her choosing the man of her dreams. Can Smiley find out who will win by asking some direct questions?

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13:24 minutes Intern Beauty Pageant

Who is Smiley's "Miss Smiley Intern '09"?

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2:08 minutes Signs You're Getting Older

A recent survey revealed the average person forgets 3 things a day and Smiley give you a list of the Top 10 Things You Forget!

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16:29 minutes Diaz's Dirt / 7-27-09

Robert Downey Jr chimes in about "The Orphan" and how Leo DiCaprio helped the movie!

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10:13 minutes Who's Older, Dave Smiley or "_____"?

Listeners call in to see if they can determine who is older, Smiley or "BLANK"!

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