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Audio Episodes Tagged 'vote'

15:04 minutes Who Should Go?

Listeners get the chance to vote someone on the show off for the rest of the show! Who will it be?

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6:33 minutes Intern Beauty Pageant / Tom

Intern Tom delivers on the Q&A session with Smiley, and also shows off his talent by playing a mash-up of different Red Hot Chili Pepper songs on his bass guitar!

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7:13 minutes Intern Beauty Pageant / Taylor

Intern Taylor defeats Smiley on the Q&A portion, and also showcases his talent by singing a parody of James Taylor's "Fire and Rain"!

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5:39 minutes Intern Beauty Pageant / Olivia

Intern Olivia deals with Smiley's tough Q&A session, and also showcases her talent of playing Lady GaGa's "Just Dance", on the fiddle!

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6:15 minutes Intern Beauty Pageant / Kathleen

Intern Kathleen blows us away with her answers in the Q&A section, and also blows us away with her parody of Deep Blue Something's "Breakfast at Tiffany's"!

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