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Audio Episodes Tagged 'sex'

5:45 minutes 5 Habits of Happy Couples

Smiley & KJ share five habits of happy couples.

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5:53 minutes Tiger Woods comments

Listeners comment on Tiger Woods' apologetic press conference.

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4:17 minutes Toys For Boys

Smiley talks about a Cosmo article teaching how to use common household items for "intimate pleasure" in relationships.

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6:47 minutes Battle Of The Sexes

Another Round of Battle Of The Sexes...Women are up 1-0.

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9:25 minutes Battle Of The Sexes

It's a Gender Jihad! Who will come out on top? The Guys or The Girls?

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10:25 minutes KJ's Hollywood Dirt / 8-18-09

There's a sex tape involving someone from Grey's Anatomy!

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4:42 minutes Who Would You Do Part 2

The Guys on the Smiley Morning Show get their crack at it..."Who Would You DO?!

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5:36 minutes Who Would You Do Part 1

The ladies of the Smiley Morning Show are given a choice..."Who Would You Do?!"

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6:14 minutes THE TOPIC!

Where's the weirdest place you've "conceived"?

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