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Audio Episodes Tagged 'interview'

7:01 minutes Erik Estrada

Ponch from "C.H.I.P.S." calls in to talk about living as a cop in Muncie!

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5:24 minutes Nona Jackson

She's the lady that claims she has 30 kids with the late Michael Jackson.

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4:03 minutes David Cook

The American Idol Winner calls Smiley before his big concert in Indianapolis!

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6:39 minutes Chris Daughtry, Part 2

The aftermath of Chris Daughtry's interview with a Hooters Girl!

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9:41 minutes Chris Daughtry, Part 1

Daughtry calls into the show to be interviewed by a Hooters Girl and gets disconnected...or did he hang up?

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14:02 minutes John Cena

The WWE Superstar calls in while we are giving a quiz on if you are with your "soul mate"!

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7:41 minutes Heidi & Spencer

"Speidi" calls in to talk about "The Hills" and their new music!

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