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Funny Moment Audio

7:10 minutes 5 Ways to Turn on Your Lady!

Smiley discloses the 5 top ways to turn on your girl!

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8:04 minutes Sweat and Spit

Smiley wonders it would be like to live without sweat and spit.

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10:24 minutes Signs You Might Be Dying

Smiley lets listeners know the signs of unhealthy living.

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9:18 minutes Michael Jackson's wife?!

Nona Jackson claims to have had 30 of Michael Jackson's babies!

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16:19 minutes Lash Wednesday

Listeners call into the Smiley Morning Show and confess their sins.

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9:22 minutes Everybody's Weekend

Smiley and the gang talk about what they did over the weekend.

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7:57 minutes Dan Cummins

Comedian Dan Cummins brings the funny!

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